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Sexologist, Sex Educator & Sex Coach

Hey there, 

my name is Julia Lepiochina and I am a sex coach, spiritual counselor and passionate facilitator. I work with couples, individuals and groups around the globe. Helping people to find their sexual happiness, through their own authentic sexual rhythm.

As a Sex Coach My Job is

- to give you tools that are fitting your relationship(s), your unique schedule and your unique life so you could experience happy sexuality

- to help you to learn and build honest, trustworthy communication

- awaken self confidence and acceptance 

- teach you how to create passionate experiences

- help you to experience sexual pleasure

- teach you to be intuitive, powerful, passionate lover

- help you to love yourself

- teach you how to have not just better sex, but sex that you are excited about

Coaching and classes for singles, individuals, couples, partnerships. 

  • No sexual pleasure

  • Low sexual desire 

  • Low self confidence 

  • High self judgement, beat-up Queen

  • Feel tired most of the time

  • Don't know what to do during sex

  • Sex creates anxiety 

Sexuality coaching for women. Happiness coaching for women
Sex coaching for couples. couple coaching, sex and intimacy coaching.
  • Ejaculation problems

  • Erectile difficulties 

  • Loss of sexual desire

  • Anxiety during sex

  • Low sexual confidence

  • Want to improve your skills

  • Not matching desire levels

  • Lost passion 

  • Lack of sexual communication

  • Sex became boring 

  • No energy to have sex

  • Sex feel like a "have to" "to do"

  • Low sexual connection

"Julia is my hero, she truly leads from her heart. I am very private person and always ashamed to be judged. But this woman opened me up like no one ever before even my husband. I felt safe and absolutely accepted for who I am. Julia helped me to see and experience my beauty and power of my sexuality. I feel comfortable in my body and enjoy sex with my husband. That is a very new and magical experience to me.Thank You so much."  - Ana 37, New York