Julia Lepiochina 


Sex Coaching for couples 

All sexual orientations and identities: heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, polysexual...

All relationship and love expressions: monogamy, polyamory, open, swinger...

All gender orientations: cisgender, agender, pangender, transgender...

Kink, fetish, and power-exchange dynamics.

"My husband and I got recently married. We have been going through a lot of growing together but we would never have gotten to the point of our relationship as we had without Julia's help. As a young family we've had our ups and downs. We both have sessions with Julia. There is no words in a world that could have explained the impact she has on our family. The importance of her work with us is a foundation of our relationship. She is extremely professional yet fun. She makes us reach the goals we would never try to go for yet she is very realistic. She is one of a kind person. You will fall in love with her in so many levels if you work with her. ." - Liz & Eugene, NY

Common Challenges my Couple Sex Coaching Sessions are on

Talk to me ​if you experience any of 

  • Different desire levels for sex with your partner 

  • Have little to no sexual activity 

  • Feel like intimacy is dying

  • Sexless relationships

  • No or less sex after child's birth

  • Anxiety around sex

  • Sex became a boring task

  • Feel unwanted by your partner

  • You want more sex than your partner

  • Have difficulty communicating what you want from your partner sexually or sharing your secret desires

  • Having hard time trusting your partner

Specific Challenges with

  • Want to  get more kinky?

  • Want to open up your relationship?

  • Want to expand your couple experiences?

  • Recovering from substance abuse and having hard time with sex life

  • Partner is in recovery and need support with sexual life

Some of this? All of this? Let’s talk. As times goes our relationship might need extra nurturing. Let’s see what your relationship needs and what steps we can take to bring the juice back. 

It is common for one partner be more sexually active then other, it is common that one partner initiates more than the other, and it as times goes that sex looses the spark and becomes a task. 

Many of my clients share that sex gives them more anxiety than joy. 

If you can relate why wait?

Want to more kinky? Have a feeling you might like some KINK in your life? Don’t know whow to bring it to your partner? Both of you decided to try, don’t know where to start?

Awesome! Let’s start the journey and set you to win. Browsing though KINK world can be excited and juicy, it also can be disappointing and unsafe if you are doing it without certain knowledge and ground. So, let’s make sure you have the information that will fill you with more positive experiences. You also can start by reading these great books

Thinking of opening up your relationship?

Many relationship go through negative experiences after making a decision to open up just because they do not set the ground for it. If you feel you read tons of information online (great books to read here), and still would like to consult what steps would work for your particular partnership and individual desires of people in it, let’s talk and see what options would work best for you.