Sexologist, Sex Educator and Sex Coach
 about jULIA 

"I am a sex coach on the mission to transform the way people experience sex and sexuality. Trough acceptance, love and celebration, I am creating world where everyone feels respected, safe and included. I teach people communication, confidence and celebration around own sexuality and life.

Julia is sex coach, sex educator, and a spiritual counselor. Mostly known for being unapologetic stand  for the sexual happiness and sexual empowerment of others. Julia has reputation of getting straight to the point with ease and joy. 

Julia comes from a background of psychology, spirituality and sex education.


Being committed to a transformational work she continues growth in her own daily life, through entrepreneurship, mindful life style and relationships. 

Julia helps people to return their sexual power and awaken sexual liberation within them.

Julia is committed to empower people to live authentic lives.

On daily basis Julia does one-on-one and couple coaching, facilitates women circles and leads conversations about authentic and healthy sexuality. 

She meditates, dances, laughs, travels, and creates life full of love and passion.   



Institute for Sexuality Education and Enlightenment

 Wholistic Sex Educator's Training

Currently Enrolled

Columbia University New York, NY 

 M.A.in Clinical Psychology

Brooklyn College, City University of New York

Leadership and Human Resource Management   


JourneyDance Certified Teacher

Art of Feminine Practices Certified Teacher

Momentum Education over 1000h of Leadership Training

 Areas of Expertise 
  • Improving communication skills for couples and individuals

  • Bringing back and improving  intimacy skills

  • Overcoming a wide variety of sexual concerns, from dysfunction to desire

  • Overcoming fear of sexual performance 

  • Helping to couples and individuals enjoy sex again

  • Bringing sexual desire back 

  • Mastering and increasing pleasure and orgasms

  • Helping women to enjoy their bodies and to have positive body image

  • Empowering women to embrace their sexuality and to step into owning their sexuality

  • Healing after abortion

  • Helping busy professionals to strengthen relationships

  • Sex in recovery from addictions

  • Incorporating BDSM into relationship

  • Fetishes and Kink 

  • Opening Relationship/Polyamory

I provide a sacred space designed for:
  • All sexual orientations and identities: heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, polysexual, etc.

  • All relationship and love expressions: monogamy, polyamory, open, swinger, etc.

  • All gender orientations: cisgender, agender, pangender, transgender, etc.

  • Kink, fetish, and power-exchange dynamics.