This journal is designed to reconnect you with your life force and the sexual being that resides in your core. This journal will allow you to discover your own definition, your own meaning, and your own truth about who you are as a sexual being. 

You have the power to choose to feel trapped or to feel liberated in your body, to either repress your desires or celebrate them. To powerfully claim what you want, or hide behind your sexual fears. Whatever you choose, your sexuality is the compass that leads all of your choices in life. 

Sexual energy is not only sex. Yes, sexual energy can be physical, but it is also emotional and spiritual; therefore, affects all areas of our lives when is not taken care of accordingly. 

If you allow yourself to be honest and to travel inside of your experiences and feelings, this journal will help you learn more about:
  • Your true desires

  • What makes you happy sexually

  • Your fears 

  • What is holding you back 

  • Empowered and sacred sexuality

  • About the Divine Feminine 

  • How to experience deeper connection and intimacy 

  • Stepping into your confidence

  • Discovering your wild side

As I mentioned before, this journal is a lifelong tool for you to explore your sexuality, spirituality and leadership in the context of womanhood, partnerships, community, and within your own self.

"After receiving complimentary book at Sexthentic Circle I began work right away, it helped me discover SO MUCH. I was shocked to realize that I never asked myself most of these questions. For the first time I saw how I am putting my own desires and pleasure on the side. I though I liked to please my partners, in reality I just wanted to be liked and was afraid to be abandoned. These questions are so important, I learn so much about myself." - Sasha 37, New York

Unfortunately, many personal development books, spiritual circles and workshops skip over sexuality. As if this aspect of us does not exist. What is even scarier is that many therapists, doctors and surgeons skip these conversations because they are not trained in this area. On average, medical providers are given just eight hours of sex education in the entirety of their four+ years of medical schooling. There is no sexual education and training provided for most humanity serving professions. 

But the truth is that we all are sexual beings. And sexuality is an essential part of human existence. 

The time of repressing our sexuality and pretending it does not exist is over. Our society has created too much shame and guilt, resulting in too much pain and suffering. It is time to rise. It is time for women to get our power back.